Vinyl wrap

Vinyl wrap has the ability to change up the look of your car. It’s a semi-permanent alternative to paint that is completely reversible. Using 3M 1080, it is the most durable wrap material available. We offer blackout packages, custom accents, stripes, and more.

Paint Correction

A paint correction is the process of removing defects (swirls, scratches, etc.) from your car’s paint in order to restore the ultimate gloss. After a full decontamination, we carry out a multi-stage polishing procedure utilizing specialty pads and polished to permanently remove defects, not just hide them.

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Chip Repair.jpg

Chip Repair

Utilizing the Dr Colorchip System, we touch up rock chips to minimize their appearance. This process “fills” the chips in, rather than adding an unsightly “blob” of touch up paint.

Wheel Repair

Curb rash happens, and replacing a factory new alloy can easily exceed $500. Through a refinishing process, we can repair the wheel to like-new condition. Bent wheels can also be repaired. Wheel and/or caliper color change is also available - please reach out for details.

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Scratch Removal.jpg

Scratch Removal

Sometimes deeper scratches require additional attention. Through a process of wet sanding, compounding, and polishing, we can repair most surface scratches that have not penetrated the color coat.

Paintless Dent Removal

We offer paintless dent removal, minor body work, and paint work services. Just let us know you’re interested in body repair at the time of booking and we will reach out to discuss further.

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