Benefits of Xpel

Protecting your investments is important, and your car shouldn’t be any different. When you’re searching for a way to keep your car looking brand new, Q Car Care suggests Xpel coatings in MA. Xpel is a paint protection film which clear coating that is used to guard your paint and prevent damages commonly caused while driving and other outside forces.

It prevents scratches and dings 

You won’t be afraid to take your car out for a cruise when you have Xpel on the hood. This clear coating is designed to prevent scratches and dings from rocks and other debris on the road. You’ll be riding in style, all while Xpel does the hard work of keeping your car looking brand new.

It self-heals

No, we’re not kidding. When you use Xpel Ultimate, it’s low surface energy urethane clear coat engages elastomeric ploymers, which help remove stains, contamination, and surface scratches. This process can be sped up in the sun, and might even be noticeable right before your eyes.

Has less side effects

It isn’t uncommon for other films on the market to yellow, bubble, peel, or crack over time. With Xpel, you don’t have to worry about these problems because this film is built to last other than lesser quality brands, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Not to mention, Q Car Care take your car protection a step further to ensure the more optimal results with your Xpel coating. Films can create seams, which can collect dirt and debris over time. To avoid these streaks, we remove your head lights, fixtures, and badges to create a more seamless look.

When it comes to car coatings, cheaper options just won’t cut it. Q Car Care applies Xpel to cars in Boston because it works. Xpel is the best clear bra on the market, and it shows against all other competing brands. To learn more about Xpel, give us a call today at (781) 691-9005.