What’s on Your Steering Wheel?

When you work with one of the best detail shops in MA, you will learn a thing or two about how important it is to keep your car clean inside and out. Q Car Care works everyday to provide our clients with the finest detailing, because it matters. From germs to protecting your finishes, a deep cleaning of your car starts with interior care.

Did you know there are roughly nine times more germs on your steering wheel than there are on a public toilet?

It’s also been reported that only a third of drivers clean their car once a year, and less than 10% admit to wiping or vacuuming the interior. Q Car Care tells our customers of these facts everyday, but also we know our customers are already committed to their cars and their maintenance. Some car owners might only go as far as detailing services for their exterior, but those truly devoted to their cars will splurge with interior detailing.

When your car is an investment, you should treat it like one. Whenever a passenger enters your luxury vehicle, they should be amazed by its beauty, not disgusted by its condition. As apart of our detailing services, Q Car Care’s team vacuums your car spotless, uses high velocity care blast to clean out the smallest crevices, steam cleans all panels to disinfect, cleans your mats, interior trim, and console, plus deodorizes the interior.

Not to mention, we offer additional services for leather cleaning and rejuvenation services to ensure that harmful UV rays do not dry out and stain your interior. There is a reason we’re viewed as one of the most comprehensive, best detail shops north of Boston, and that’s because we know how much you love your car. When your car is being catered to by fellow car enthusiasts, you know you’re in the right hands.

To learn more about our interior detailing or full service exterior/interior detailing package, get in contact with us today at (781) 691-9005.