5 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

Being the best detailer in MA means that we only hire professionals who love cars as much as we do. It can hurt to see a beautiful luxury car that comes into our shop beyond dirty, inside and out. Keeping your car clean not only helps with appearance, it can improve maintenance upkeep and uphold the integrity of your car. For this, Q has a few suggestions to keeping your car clean longer.

Don’t eat in it

It’s hard not to cringe when we find miscellaneous foods spilt or stuck to your custom leather seats. Not eating in your car saves you the chance of damaging your interior with stains and other mishaps that happen while eating and driving.

Keep the kids out

Between their sports and other activities, it’s not uncommon for the backseat to become a treasure trunk of random clothes, cleats, and toys. Save these items and trips with the kids for the family car.

Knock off your shoes before getting in

New England is known to have some crazy weather, and dragging in the dirt, sand, mud, water, salt, rocks, and other elements with you will only dirty and possibly damage your surfaces faster.

Clean up messes as they happen

Whether it’s a coffee spill or putting your gym bag in the back seat, cleaning up as you go makes your maintenance easier, doesn’t allow for multiple messes to pile up, and less time consuming in the long run.

Schedule a routine detailing

When you have a luxury car, you should treat it as such. Setting up a detailing schedule with Q, the best detailer in MA, means your car will look and feel great because of the quality work and products we put into every vehicle.

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