Forgotten Areas to Clean in Your Car

Q didn’t become one of the best detailers in Boston because we only kind of know what we’re doing. When our customers sit down in their car after our services, many ask how we got it as clean as we did. Having experts that know everything there is about detailing means we find even the smallest areas of your interior that are often forgot. If you find yourself sprucing up your car between our services, remember these commonly overlooked areas.

Steering wheel

As scary as it may sound, your steering wheel can contain 900x the amount of germs than a public toilet seat. Using steam and the correct gentle products, we sanitize your interior, not just clean it.

Door and trunk jams

Acting as the shield between your interior and outside elements, there is bound to be dirt in and around your jams. Often, this area isn’t even rinsed and looks fantastic when time is invested in it. Not to mention, it can help with rust prevention around your trunk.

Cup holders

We spill coffee and drinks all the time in our cup holders all the time and think, “I’ll get that later.” Not only does cleaning your cup holders make your center console look crisp and new, it can prevent additional dust and debris from sticking to the leftover mess.

Between the seats

When vacuuming your seats, always be sure to move them forward and back to get all of the cracks and crevices that cannot be reached otherwise. You also might need an attachment to reach the hardest of angles to get the best clean.


We’re talking about more than just wiping down the mirror. You might’ve noticed, the dirt and oil from your hands leave an obvious mark where you flip down your visor. Cleaning off the inside and outside will make a world of a difference in the way your interior looks.


Maybe one of the most noticeable differences we don’t take into account are how our windows look after they are cleaned well. Taking a few extra minutes out of your routine to wipe down the inside of your windows can make a huge visual transformation.

Have never invested in an interior detail service before? Once you come visit Q, you’ll never want to go without the best detail shop in Boston again. To learn more about our services and how we can maintain the value and aesthetic of your car, call us today at (781) 691-9005.