3 Mistakes Car Owners Make DIY Detailing

You might have heard us mention in the past that we have heard it all when it comes to DIY auto detailing in MA, and we want to save some beautiful cars from the wrath of detailing completed by non-professionals. We love when new customers come into our shop, but we also know that some will try to choose the cheaper route and do it themselves. If that’s the case, Q Car Care wants you to remember these 3 common mistakes made with DIY detailing.

1) Using too many chemicals

Chemicals used in and on your car can often take time to work, and many DIY detailers do not realize they need “dwell time” and will add chemicals in addition to what they have already used which can damage your leather, paint, and other materials.

2) Using dish soap

Dish soap was created to cut through grease and other caked on messes, and in turn has been known to impact the integrity of a car’s wax. This leaves your car’s paint exposed to outside elements and can cause damages to those unprotected areas.

3) Using products containing silicone

Silicone is an artificial enhancer, usually doing more damage than good. The artificial shine is not only short lived, it can actually cause drying out of plastics, leather, and tires. Silicone products on your paint are typically detrimental in the long run, and not in anyway the way that you should maintain your car.

If you’ve decided it’s time to invest in your vehicle, you should consider visiting the best detail shop near Boston. Q Car Care works with luxury cars to provide our customers with the results they are searching for in professional detailing.  Once you see the difference, you will never want to go back to DIY detailing again. With more questions about our services, call us today at (781) 691-9005.