Q Does More Than Clean Your Car

For clients who are learning how to maintain their first luxury car, they might find themselves wondering what other services they can receive when working with a car detailing company near Boston. It is a common misconception that all a detail shop does is clean your car well, and Q Car Care is the exception. To many car owners’ surprise, we offer a number of services that extend far beyond just your “normal” detailing amenities.

Eco-Friendly, safer hand car washes

We don’t even detail the outside of your car the same way as our competitors. With our QSteam Eco Car Wash, we remove dirt and grime from your vehicle with the power of steam. Not only is it less harsh on your exterior, it saves gallons of water and time.

Restorative interior/Exterior detailing

When your car is in need of some serious TLC, you’ll be thankful we offer a number of restorative services. From cut and polish correction to leather reconditioning, your car will look and feel brand new when you leave our lot.

Paint coatings

With our proprietary formula QComplex, our protective paint coatings are significantly stronger than any standard wax or sealant. As an investment and alternative to more standard protective packages, you’ll be happy you chose our product.

Protective paint film/Clear bra

If you’re searching for something even more durable to protect your vehicle, our protective paint films have the guarantees and professional quality you need. When it comes to your luxury vehicle, Q offers the best because we love your cars just as much as you do.

Next time you’re searching for car detailing in the Boston area, we that can supply the extra services to make your car look great for years to come, contact us at Q. We’d be happy to talk to you about all of our products and explain which treatments will be best for your vehicle and your budget. Call us today at (781) 691-9005.