Do I need “Wax” or a QComplex Coating?

Q Car Care is considered one of the best detail shops in MA because we’re honest with our customers about their car’s needs. Being experts and fanatics, we know that our clients want to invest in the right areas to retain their car’s value all while looking great in the process. We get it and want you to know that if you’re questioning if you should get your car waxed, we always say yes… but there are newer ceramic coating technologies with benefits that far surpass your run-of-the-mill car wax. NanoCeramic technologies provide better protection, enhanced gloss, and ease of maintenance. Truly next generation. This is a common question asked no matter the age of a car, because waxing has been a standard practice for many shops and even for automatic car washes. Coatings are different. The reason we offer it is because it works, and Q wants to explain why.

Protecting your cars paint is often priority number one.

All cars have a protective clear coat that was originally placed on top of their car as a way to protect the paint, but it isn’t unusual for this clear coat to fail after usual wear and tear on the roads. Coatings offer an additional layer of protection on your vehicle, up to 150x thicker than “wax” which can help protect against the elements and light scratching caused by normal driving behaviors and patterns. Not only that, our proprietary coating is up to 50% harder than the water based clear coat on your car.

The slick and shiny look of a coating is not only appealing to most car driver’s as your car looks and feels clean, coatings help protect against debris, environmental fallout, and other contaminants from sticking to the outside of your car. Outside elements like mud, bird droppings, bugs and more can stick or even damage paint, so investing in a coating can minimize these common nuisances without much additional maintenance.

A coating also helps protect your paint from fading in the sun. Being in New England, we might not think about that even in winter, our cars are exposed to constant sunlight which can also be reflected off snow. Maybe one of the most underrated aspects of a wash, you can and will see a difference in your paint quality when your vehicle is coated versus just washing.

So, next time you come to the best detailer in MA and truly care about your car, ask about QComplex. Your car is a major investment, and QComplex will protect your car’s paint and value. With more questions about our services and detail work, please call Q today at (781) 691-9005.