Save Water With Q's Car Wash

When you’re searching in Burlington for a car wash, you might notice that some of the automatic tunnels and self-service stations claim to be an “eco-friendly car wash” because they use a few less gallons of water than the next guy. Q Car Care wants you to know you have more options for your car washing needs than you think, like using our QSteam Eco Car Wash.

What makes us different?

When you use QSteam, we “rinse” your vehicle with wet steam, which is gentler and more effective to remove loose debris. Using our steam technique allows us to use less water while giving you a more successful car wash.

On top of our steam treatment, we also up to six brushes with a pH neutral cleaner on your rim, rim barrels, tires, and wheel arches to help remove brake dust and dirt. Before your car leaves our shop, it is chamois-dried to prevent water marks, high-velocity air to remove water from the smallest of cracks, door jams cleaned, windows are checked, cleaned and polished, and mirrors are checked for bugs.

When you get your car washed at the best detail shop near Boston, you will know that you are getting more than just a rinse. We are use to give you the best product possible because your luxury cars are worth it. Q also offers pray wax, detailed wheel cleaning, and excess filth for affordable additional fees. We want to be sure your car not only looks better than when it came onto our lot, but better than it ever has before.

So, when you’re searching for a true eco-friendly car wash, you will rest well knowing you chose the right place when you work with us. With more questions about our services and how we can improve your investments, call us today at (781) 691-9005.