Car Detailers to Avoid

Anyone who invests their money and time into a car will usually put in the work to find the best detail shop in MA before setting up an appointment just anywhere. You want to be sure your investments are handled properly and with care, and that you receive the best results possible, but how can you tell the difference between the amateurs and the professionals? Q can think of a few surefire signs to turn away from a detailer and never look back.

They promise a fast turnaround

Though it would be great to get a detail in no time at all, it simply doesn’t exist. Superior detailing takes time to yield better results, and when you’re promised a quick solution- it often means they are willing to cut corners to get you in and out of the shop with little concern for integrity or quality.

They use improper and hazardous techniques

If a shop is looking to make a quick buck off of you, they might resort to using techniques that are frowned upon in the detailing industry. Using buffers at high speeds and harsh chemicals can be extremley harmful to your cars clear coat, and can result in unnecessary marring and scratches in the paint.

They fill your scratches instead of correct them

We’re all bound to have scratches on our vehicles, and it’s your detailers job to help fix these scratches if your services call for it. If you’ve had a paint correction completed on your car and after a few weeks, have noticed the scratches reappear, it is likely they used a kind of glaze over your car to fill instead of actually remove them.

Luckily, finding a shop that encompasses detailing and car customization in MA isn’t difficult. Q Car Care is dedicated to providing car owners with the best products, techniques, and detailing experts in the Boston area. With our selection of services, including our exclusive Q Complex ceramic coating, gentle Q Eco Car Wash, and paint correction services that help remove and not fill your scratches and swirls. With more questions, call us today at (781) 691-9005.