How Do I Avoid Water Spots On My Car?

There’s a reason Q has so many loyal and returning customers, and it’s because once they are serviced by the best detailer in MA, it’s hard to go back to an old routine. One question we get a lot is regarding our flawless finished product and how our clients can avoid water spots on their cars in between their details with us. To begin, we detail the safest way possible, and that involves no chemicals. When you use an automatic car wash or commit to DIY detailing, the water spots you might see can also be soap residue left behind or baked onto the surface. Q uses the best technology out there, and the tried and true method of steam cleaning.

Q is also dedicated to giving our clients the best possible service, and that is a full inspection to avoid any possible water marks. We take the time during and after every wash and detail to ensure you are leaving our shop with a finish so clean you could eat off of it.

Lastly, Q has a number of products that can both eliminate and prevent water spots, such as our Q Complex nano-ceramic coating. Our exclusive coating has an increased hardness, and a high gloss finish that does not allow water to stick and dry on your car. 150x thicker than a normal car wax, you’ll find that maintaining your car is easier, and protects from environmental and industrial fallout, including water stains.

Q Complex is second to none, and we stand by our products. To learn more about our coatings or to schedule an appointment, check us out online or call our shop today at (781) 691-9005.