Dealing with Autumn Pollen

While we might think we’re well past pollen season, we get hit with pollen pretty hard in the fall, as well. Though trees pollinate in the spring, weeds pollinate in the fall and you might notice that your car never quite looks as clean as you think it should. Though at first glance you might think that pollen is just a yellowish eye sore on your car’s paint and windows, it can cause more damage than you would have originally thought. Though you might hope that pollen will handle itself, it’s often best to get rid of it as soon as possible. In order for pollen to “stick” to a surface, it uses its spores to attach itself. These spores, mixed with their high acidity, can begin to corrode your clear coat and paint. Wiping off the pollen with a dry cloth might seem like your best solution, but often times this can result in further scratches to occur.

The best method of treatment is to come down to Q for a eco car wash completed with steam. Our steam treatment will lift the pollen safely off your car and allow for it to be wiped away easily. Not to mention, Q experts have techniques and products to help keep the pollen off of your car for more than just a week.

Our Q Complex nano-ceramic coatings are the next generation of ceramic coating technology, and some of its many benefits is increased hardness and anti adhesion properties, which helps with dirt and debris retention. So, not only do you get that glossy finish you love from a detail, it has added benefits, including keeping your car cleaner, longer.

Car detailing in Boston is an investment worth having. Just ask any of our returning customers, they never want to go back to their old way of car maintenance after visiting the best detailer in MA. With more questions or to set up an appointment, call us today at (781) 691-9005.