See Q Complex in Action

Ever since we posted a video of our Q Complex nano-ceramic coating on our Facebook page a few weeks ago, we’ve seen a lot of questions about our Q performance products. After trying nearly all paint protection items on the market, Q decided to take matters into our own hands and create the best solution possible for your investments. With an average of 16-18 man hours of time committed to your car, you’ll see how Q Complex is more than just a regular coating. After a complete decontamination of your car’s surface, we apply a 1-step paint correction with Q Prime Polish, a micro-fine abrasive, to create the most conducive surface possible. Instead of putting a layer of protection over your paint, we use a catalyst that is designed to increase the rate of chemical bonding, which helps our coating become a part of your car and not just another product placed on top.

After, our Complex is applied using a process unique to Q and is allowed to “self-level” over your car with our professionals looking overhead to ensure it bonds and coats properly. We also offer Q Complex 2 and Q Complex 3, which increases the hardness of our product by over 50%. By investing in these products, you can prevent minor scratches in your paint as well as decrease maintenance significantly. The extreme gloss finish is more than just appealing to look at, it deflects environmental and industrial fallout such as acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, and more.

With a full line of Q performance products available for our clients, we are able to offer the most comprehensive protection for your vehicles. Worry less about the weather and debris that could impact your paint, and just enjoy the ride.

With more questions about our services, our products, or to schedule an appointment, please call our shop in Burlington today at (781) 691-9005.