Steam > Soap

We're taught our whole lives that for anything to get clean, soap and water are the answers. From hygiene products to even car detailing, high concentrations of cleaning compounds are the best way to rid any surface of germs, dirt, and debris. Q not only questions that belief, but we also refuse to listen. To be one of the best detail shops north of Boston, we always have to think of ways to be better than we were before. There is a reason we use steam while washing the exterior and interior of our client’s cars instead of traditional soap. Quite a few reasons, actually.

It has the same benefits and is much safer

We use soap to degrease, sanitize, disinfect, and loosen suck on items every day. What would you say if we told you steam does all the same things without the use of chemicals? Steam can be used on exterior, vinyl, leather, upholstery, and can be used to help lift dirt from those hard-to-reach areas.

There's no residue left behind

One complaint we hear a lot from customers who used to use automatic car washes were the stains left over from the water and chemical remnants. Not only is it unsightly, but the leftover soap is also bad for your paint. When you use steam to clean, there is no chance of soap to be left behind because we don’t use it.

It’s eco-friendly

Think about the conventional process for washing your car. You rinse, apply your soap, rinse again, and then dry. With steam, you can eliminate two steps: a single application and then wipe away the moisture. We are cutting down on water use by around 90% and your car will is cleaned that much faster.

Whether you're looking for a simple Q Eco Car Wash or complete detailing services north of Boston, Q Car Care has the services you have been searching for. With more questions about our products or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (781) 691-9005.