Clean Your Car the Right Way

Why You Should Always Choose a Hand Car Wash

Though it might feel convenient to stay in your car while an automatic tunnel “cleans” the outside of your car for you, Q wants you to start thinking differently. When you invest in your vehicle, you’ll see the return. As one of the best hand car washes in MA, you’ll quickly see why you never want to go back to your bad car washing habits again. Though there are plenty of reasons hand car washes are superior, we’ll give you the most important ones.

It’s more thorough and effective

Going through an automatic car wash is quick and impersonal. After driving through a short tunnel, you wonder how your car could possibly be completely clean. Spoiler: it isn’t. Hand washed cars are treated with care because the experts washing them care about your car. You will rest well knowing your car was cleaned thoroughly because our trained professionals love your car almost as much as you do.

It’s the safest for your paint

We’ve mentioned in the past why we always tell our clients to avoid automatic car washes, and the number one reason is because it is dangerous for your exterior! Being shot at with reused water and harsh chemicals quickly becomes an abrasive that can scratch your clear coat and in turn, scratch your paint. Hand washed cars at Q are cleaned with steam, and microfiber cloths, which are the safest materials for your paint.

Q Car Care has been serving MA as one of the best detail shops north of Boston. Our professionals will take the time to ensure your car is cleaned well, and most importantly, cleaned with products that are effective and safe on your vehicle's finish. With more questions about our services or to book an appointment, call us today at (781) 691-9005.