Prepare for Winter Weather With Q

Before long, winter will be in full swing and our cars will be exposed to some of the harshest weather we have in New England. Q knows that it can be hard to leave your favorite exotic in the garage for six whole months, and you might want to take it out on a drive without worrying about the integrity of your vehicles finish. To be prepared for that sudden impulse to take a drive, Q has a few suggestions.

Routine exterior cleaning

Snow, mud, and salt are all common aspects of a winter day in Massachusetts, and these small elements can quickly impact our paint. Rust and corrosion are the number one enemies of a car’s exterior, and the best way to combat this is with a proper exterior cleaning and drying.

Interior detailing

Those same elements that can be found on the outside of your car can be tracked inside with your shoes. Cleaning your carpets, seats, and other interior parts regularly can help prevent possible staining and damage to the fabric caused by salt and water.

Protective paint films

Investing in a product like Xpel when living in MA means worrying less about the winter debris. This film protects your car from the usual wear and tear, last for years as long as they are maintained well, and keeps your car’s value intact.

Whichever service you’re in the market for, Q Car Care has the answers. If you’re searching for interior and exterior detailing, or are searching for the shop that will apply Xpel correctly in the Boston area, contact us. You’ll be glad you chose professionals that are committed to your car, no matter what time of the year. With more questions, call us today at (781) 691-9005.