Complete Detailing with Tire Dressing

Of all the car detailing we see in Boston and its neighborhoods, we can often tell when it was a DIY job by the way the tires look. Though simply washing the rims and rinsing the tire might seem to do the trick while you’re washing, it just doesn’t have the same impact when it dries. When you visit Q even for a simple exterior eco car wash, we’re sure to pay attention to all areas of your car, including your tires. Tire dressing is a simple way to add to the overall look of your vehicle. When you invest money and time into having your car detailed, you want it to look phenomenal from top to bottom. Tire dressings bring your tires back to life with a simple application. Having tires that look brand new accent your car’s paint, rims, and overall aesthetic.

One of the biggest complaints and problems found with certain tire dressing products is the tire sling that is left behind. This residue can impact the look of your car’s paint by sticking to your rocker panels or rear fenders, and that is the last thing we would ever want to do to your vehicle. To solve this problem, Q’s experts have created Q Anti-Sling Tire Dressing. our water based and water repellant dressing is rated far beyond that of a petroleum based tire dressing in terms of look and durability

Our tire dressing was created with our clients’ vehicles in mind, and just like Q Complex and other products, we have tested our products to ensure they are the best formulas available. To schedule car detailing or see what Q’s products have to offer your vehicle, call our shop today at (781) 691-9005.