Why Should You Clean Your Carpets?

For the most part, if you regularly seek out professional car detailing, you probably take great care of your vehicle. It isn’t always news to our customers when we inform them of all the reasons they should invest in interior and exterior detailing, but sometimes we catch them by surprise with our facts, especially about carpet cleaning. Just like your steering wheel, you might overthink cleaning the carpet on the inside of your car. Sure, vacuuming with your old retired house vacuum might make your carpets look nice, but there is more to be done than just a simple once-over with the hose.


Not every homeowner has a shop-vac lying around, and any normal vacuum just doesn’t do the trick. With time, those big dirt and sand grains can become smaller, which is increasingly difficult for your normal vacuum to ever pick up, leaving your carpets looking filthy.


We’d be lying if we said New England weather was always beautiful, and the elements can be the cause of the mud, salt, and all other contamination tracked into our cars. When you don’t take care of your car regularly, these seemingly harmless mud spots can quickly become stains and ruin the appearance of your vehicle.


We don’t want to think about it, but Q knows that some customers invite some of the mess into their vehicles. From spilled food to pets to children, our cars can sometimes have unwanted odors we can’t get rid of by simply leaving the windows open. Cleaning your carpets can be and often is the way to resolve this problem.

Q Car Care cleans interiors with shampooing, high-velocity air, steam cleaning, gentle scrubbing, deodorizing and more with our professional full custom line of Q Performance Products. Just book one appointment, we’re sure you will never go back to your old way of cleaning. Call us today at (781) 691-9005.