Tips for Preventing Swirl Marks

Q gets it, car enthusiasts out there are nervous about giving their keys over to anyone, and might even consider doing most of their detail work themselves. It’s understandable to be apprehensive, but we also know that many customers come into our shop frustrated with the swirl marks they find on their paint after months of delicate, personal detailing. There are a few reasons this might be happening, and the more cars we save, the better.

Use only car cleaning products

Many car owners that complete their own car washing will use detergents and dish soap, but these aren’t great for our paint. Because these soaps are designed to cut through grease, they can be harsh on water-based clear coats and can quickly eat through our finish.

Slow and steady wins the race

With all tools you use while detailing your car, fast is often a bad choice. This equipment is designed to get your job done, but if you put your settings too high or apply too much pressure, it can be detrimental to your paint.

Know how to use a buffer

Buffing is a common practice in detailing, but you should know the tool before you use it. Setting your buffer too high, using an abrasive pad, misusing the tool against the car, or using old buffing pads will surely result in fine scratches.

Go to the best detail shop in MA

If there is one thing we know at Q, it’s how to take care of your exotic car better than anyone else. We have the professionals, experience, tools, and ambition to give your car back to you in better condition than when you dropped it off at our shop. And yes, that includes preventing those swirl marks.

From exterior and interior detailing to corrective services, you will find everything you need with us. With more questions for the best detail shop north of Boston, give our experts a call at Q Car Care today at (781) 691-9005.