Winter Detailing Tips

As one of the best detail shops in Boston, Q Car Care gets questions all the time from new and returning customers about what they can do to protect their exotics during the winter season. No one wants to have to put their cars away for 6 months, and there are some steps you can take to protect your investments and still enjoy them.

Remove salt from your paint as soon as possible

Salt is your car’s enemy, and rightfully so. Though it helps make our roads safe, it also can damage our sealants and paint. The best course of action is to remove it as quickly as possible with a proper hand wash detailing service.

Vacuum your interior frequently

Did you think that the salt stops just on the exterior? We track in all kinds of moisture and debris into our car on our shoes, no matter how much we try to prevent it. Vacuuming can help prevent against discoloration and staining.

Treat your leather seats

With the winter comes dry air, and leather does not fare well against those elements as the moisture is pulled out of the hide. When leather dries, it can crack far more easily, looks aged, and damage your cars integrity.

Invest in tire dressing

Tire dressing helps your tires look better long, and it also can act as a barrier from the elements. When you live in New England, any little protection can help. Dressing can also prevent the buildup of snow, ice, and salt in the wheel wells, too.

Have a protective coating applied

Wax can protect your car from the elements for a short amount of time, but there are ceramic coatings on the market, like Q Complex that are designed to withstand our winters. With its increased hardness, your car will be cleaner, longer.

Fortunately, when you don’t have the time or resources to maintain your vehicles during the winter months, Q is here for you. Our team of professionals are experts at car customization in MA, all the way from detailing to clear bra installation. Come visit us and see the Q difference.

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