Reasons to Professionally Install a Clear Bra in MA

It’s a rare occasion, but every once in a while, Q will receive questions from a customer about buying XPEL in MA and if they can install the clear bra themselves. Whether it’s because they are looking to save a little money for the installation or do not trust others with their car, it is a completely understandable question. However, we advise strongly against it for three simple reasons.

The investment is not worth the risk

Let's face it- XPEL is a superior product with a higher price tag. Just for the product alone, you are investing quite a bit of money, and poor installation could damage it beyond repair. For anyone who is serious about their car’s exterior protection, DIY installation just isn’t worth the risk.

Installers are trained and certified

XPEL is just as concerned about protecting your vehicle as you are. For that reason, they have trained and certified installers all around the world. With locations in over 46 countries, you will be sure to find a professional that has the knowledge to install their company's clear bra correctly.

You won’t even know you have a clear bra on

If there is one thing that detailers and others in the automotive industry know about protecting exotics and other luxury cars, it’s that you want it to be indistinguishable from the paint. XPEL installers are knowledgeable of how to wrap your car to avoid potential seams and make your XPEL film invisible to the naked eye.

Fortunately, if you're searching for an XPEL installer north of Boston, Q has the team for you. As a premier detailing shop in Burlington, we pride ourselves on loving your car almost as much as you do. We ensure you will have a clean and professional installation. Our professionals are certified and trained to apply your clear bra, and we promise you will be ecstatic with the results.

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