What Does Q Do During the Winter Months?

There’s a strange misconception that during the winter months, detailing services in Burlington stop completely. Maybe it’s the snow, but that couldn’t be further from the truth for Q. We’re not exactly sure where that rumor started or why. Shops like Q are open all year long to serve our customers because winter doesn’t stop them from using their favorite exotics. Winter maintenance for cars is a must, especially when it comes to detailing. By keeping up with routine detailing, our customers are able to better protect their car’s integrity and value but still get to enjoy all the perks of their exotics in the snow and salt. From Q Complex ceramic coatings to full detailing and exterior washes, we do it all.

Not only is our facility built to hold car’s safely, we also use state-of-the-art technology while cleaning our cars without the fear of water freezing on the surface. Our signature Q Hand Car Wash utilizes steam instead of gallons of water to clean our cars, which has all the same benefits plus is much safer.

Steam disinfects and loosens suck on debris, and gives all the same benefits of soap without having to rely on harsh chemicals. We cut down water by around 90% and are able to clean your car faster than ever before. This is one of the many reasons our customers love to come back, and why we’re considered one of the best detail shops in MA.

So, if you’re wondering how you’re going to keep your car clean this winter, ask your friends about Q. Our doors are open as long as there are car lovers out there who want to use their favorite toys 365 days a year and have them always look brand new.

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