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As one of the best detail shops near Boston, MA, Q gets all kinds of questions about how to best maintain a vehicle. Every client is different, so our suggestions often vary depending on their vehicle and lifestyle. That being said, we have no problem explaining to our customers what sets us apart from the standard car wash and how our restoration techniques will benefit them far more.

Everything is completed by hand

Going through a car wash might leave your vehicle relatively clean, but it does not protect against many of the damages Q's team avoid with hand washed detailing and our advanced high-pressure steam washing system. We are sure to use the appropriate tools to assist in cleaning your car while maintaining and improving its integrity.

Technique is important

Whether you are concerned about the interior or exterior of your vehicle, there are plenty of DIY tricks to “clean” your vehicle, but it doesn’t always yield the results you were hoping for. Instead of wasting time and resources using mediocre products and services, Q only has the most skilled team in our shop. We use state-of-the-art practices to hand back your car in better condition than when you left it.

The value is improved

Between all of these damages caused by the traditional “car cleaning” services out there, your vehicle ultimately loses value. Working with Q and other businesses like us means choosing to invest in your vehicle. We offer paint correction, wheel repair, chip and scratch repair, and paint coating to protect from damages in the future. Instead of impacting your car’s value or leaving it as it, we improve it.

At Q, every detail matters. We promise to offer the absolute best services to your vehicle and will produce quality over quantity every time.

With more questions about our services, contact us today by calling (781) 691-9005.