Prepare for Spring with Q

It’s hard to believe that spring is just around the corner, and it’s almost time to get our cars prepared for the warmer months ahead. At Q, we understand how eager you are to get back on the road, but we can think of 3 important reasons you should visit our shop for detailing and XPEL install near Boston.

Protection from pollen

In New England, pollen is inevitable in the spring. You’ll soon notice a layer of yellow dust over your paint, but it’s important to remove it properly. On top of the fact it looks terrible, pollen can actually scratch the surface of your vehicle.

Prevents damage from road debris

Though the snow might be behind us, the remains of the season are still on the roads and can impact your car's paint. Routine detailing and an XPEL installation can create the layer of protection you need against the mud, sand, dirt, and leftover salt you drive over every day.

Your car might need it after a long winter

Q customers are usually cautious of the way they treat their cars during the winter, but there's a chance you didn't keep up with regular interior and exterior cleaning while it was so cold outside. Exterior and interior work can give your car a brand-new look in just a few hours.

It makes maintenance easy

Like most things in life, investing in an excellent service or product will make the overall upkeep of your vehicle much easier. Routine detailing means less damage to your vehicle while a clear bra is easy to clean, prevents scratches and dings in the paint, and keeps your car feeling new for far longer than traditional waxing.

With more about our detailing or XPEL install in MA, give the experts at Q a call today at (781) 691-9005