Tips for Cleaning Your Car's Carpet

Of all the steps customers forget while attempting their own DIY car detailing Woburn and Winchester, MA, one of the biggest continues to be proper carpet cleaning. Q knows that some people just don’t trust their vehicles in the hands of other people, but we do want to be sure you’re not making these mistakes.

Use products only meant for cleaning vehicle carpets

This tip includes both brushes and cleaners. Though carpet in a car is often durable, you never want to use products or tools that are too harsh. By avoiding chemicals and other cleaners that were not designed for a car, you can prevent some irreversible mistakes.

Collect large garbage and debris with your hands if possible

Paper, leaves, twigs and other similar items can be quickly dealt with by hand. Not only can this save you from jamming up your vacuum, but it can also prevent new stains and damages that might be caused by rubbing these items into your carpet with the vacuum hose.

Don’t forget the carpet that can’t be seen!

It’s easy to overlook the areas of your car that you can’t see, but every inch can make a difference! Be sure to inspect under the seats and in the cracks and crevices. You’ll be surprised just how much manages to fall into those small areas.

Use a vacuum that will get the job done

It’s not every day you clean your car, and not every person has a shop-vac or another large vacuum to help. Though your house vacuum might seem like a great idea, it isn’t going to have the same power that is commonly found in detail shops.

If the idea of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning and other detail services is too daunting for you, get in touch with us at Q! We use state-of-the-art technology, the best techniques, and only work with the most skilled professionals in the greater Boston area to give you superior services for your car, inside and out.

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