Why The Time for XPEL is Now

It’s no surprise that at the beginning of the spring season, customers come into Q looking for a professional XPEL install north of Boston, MA. We know that a lot of our car enthusiasts are taking their prize possessions out of the garage after a long winter, and the best way to prepare for the warmer months ahead is investing in a paint protection film that safeguards against these seasonal concerns.

Leftover sand and salt from winter

Even though it's spring, New England weather is unpredictable, and we'll be dealing with the remains of snow and clean up at least through the end of the month. Sand and salt are great for keeping us safe on the roads, but they do nothing to help with the integrity of our paint. XPEL will protect against the scratches and damages caused by these abrasive and corrosive materials.

Debris from spring rain

With the remainder of snow melting and the typical, wet spring season still on its way, the roads are often covered with mud, sand, rocks and other items that can wreak havoc on our car's exterior. Not to mention, pollen can create a yellow film over your paint and scratch if not removed properly.

Summer sun is on its way

Though summer is one of the best times to ride, the sun can be a huge factor in the way your paint looks. UV rays can cause fading and dullness to your exterior, and the issue of bird droppings, summer insects, and other similar items can eat away at your paint, as well.

When you live in New England, paint protection should always be a top priority for any car owner out there. XPEL is a clear bra that fits seamlessly over your vehicle and provides the defense you want when you drive, no matter the time of year.

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