What Is Self-Healing Paint Protection?

The team loves telling our customers why they should get their car wrapped in XPEL by Automotive Elegance at Q when they live around Boston. One of the best parts is that it’s a self-healing paint protection film, often commonly referred to as a clear bra. When we say self-healing we mean that scratches and swirl marks are virtually eliminated, fixing themselves. We understand it may seem too good to be true, but in terms of a protection solution, a clear bra/paint protection film from XPEL is the best option. Having the experts from Automotive Elegance in-house at Q Car Care means we have experts that have wrapped over 50,000 cars and over 17 years experience.

What does self-healing mean?

XPEL is a paint protection film created with layers of different products that together create the ultimate scratch-resistant solution. Its clear coat, polyurethane, acrylic adhesive, and polyester release liner all work together with elastomeric polymers to heal itself from those artificial swirls and scratches caused by washing, drying, or daily driving.

What does that mean for you?

This means if your vehicle is wrapped with XPEL, you have little to worry about because the film protects against it all. This clear coat film, which is installed to be completely invisible, protects against those scratches and swirls while also preventing corrosion from acidic nightmares like bug splatter and bird droppings. XPEL will never bubble, peel, or crack, and you will have that sleek, "just-waxed" look the entire time it is on the surface of your car.

Choosing XPEL paint protection film means choosing to preserve and protect your vehicle. Working with Automotive Elegance at Q Car Care means you understand the importance of craftsmanship and quality. We are experts at installing clear bras in MA and will take you through our multi-step process to see just how serious we are when we take care of your vehicle. We ensure your paint is swirl free, and dust and debris-free before install so you wouldn’t even know you have a film over your paint, it is near invisible.

With more questions about XPEL or our other paint coating services, please contact us today by calling (781) 691-9005.