Why Wax Doesn’t Cut It

Working with the Q Complex line and our detailing services means you take car care seriously, and we don’t blame you. New England's seasonal changes can make road conditions harsh, and that can impact our car's exterior. For many, the standard detailing service they invest in might include a wax finish, and our team wants you to move away from that. Though wax is a go-to solution for some car owners, Q can think of a handful of reasons it just doesn’t do the job the same way Q Complex does.

Waxing is time-consuming yet doesn't last

If you're already investing in an excellent detail, then you probably figure it's worth the extra time for the wax, but is it actually worth it? On average, wax only lasts 4-6 weeks. That’s a lot of time and money spent on a service that might make it an entire month if you're lucky. Q Complex? If maintained properly, it’s permanent!

Carnauba wax won’t protect as well as you’d hope

With all of the dirt, sand, and other debris on the road, wax doesn’t stand a chance against these abrasive materials. Though it can help deflect some of those common damages, you’re still likely to find etching and surface damage on your vehicle from the harsher elements.

The shine doesn’t hold up

We know the feeling when you get your car right after a wax and how great it looks, but that finish only seems to last a week or two before it begins to dull. With its limited durability, you’ll start to see the difference quickly. Q Complex changes the way your paint acts completely.

When looking to protect your car, consider Q Complex. Our nano-ceramic coating is one of a kind and will provide your car with the same protection you receive with a wax and so much more. The increased hardness will prevent dirt and other containments from sticking and give you that glossy just-cleaned look, always.

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