People Are Freaking Out About Our Complex Video

There’s been more than one occasion in the past where our customers will see QComplex in action on our Facebook page and are baffled by the results. We can’t help it! When you are committed to providing superior car customization in MA, our products are bound to turn some heads. People can’t get enough of this video of our proprietary Complex Elite coating showing off its non-stick qualities with a bottle of water.

What does this quality mean for your vehicle?

With nearly all automotive manufacturers using only water-based clear coats on their vehicles, our team is dedicated to creating products that will safeguard your paint from the usual scratches and chips from everyday driving. With these ideas in mind, QComplex and other similar products were born.

Our Complex coatings are designed to be a superior ceramic coating. After testing in a number of settings and with different abrasive elements, we now have one of the best on the market. The increased hardness makes it more difficult for anything to hold on to the surface of your car, which helps protect your paint and keep it cleaner longer.

On top of requiring less maintenance and being scratch resistant, our Complex coatings leave the most beautiful finish. The extreme gloss, depth, and slickness will give your vehicle that “just waxed” look for as long as the coating lasts.

Q Car Care was started by two guys who had a love for exotic cars and a passion for detailing and has transformed into one of the premier customization shops in the greater Boston area. Our team would love to tell you more about our patented coatings and what they can offer your vehicle.

With more questions about our nano-ceramic coatings or our other services, contact our shop today by calling (781) 691-9005.