How Much Water Do You Waste Cleaning Your Car?

Q didn’t become one of the best detail shops in the greater Boston area by sticking to the traditional methods of car care. After we started our journey in this industry, our team realized how many resources we were using to hand wash your vehicles, one of the largest being water. Depending on the type of tool being used, the average person can use 2-5 gallons per minute with a power washer or 10 gallons per minute with a regular garden hose. Though power washers can save a significant amount of water and time, the force is never ideal for a vehicle’s paint. After seeing these problems and wanting to provide a superior level of service, Q created high-pressure steam washing.

This revolutionary method is eco-friendly in two important ways: saving water and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals. Steam washing allows an entire car to be cleaned using less than 3 gallons of water, sanitizes, and lifts any debris that might be stuck to your paint without the need for excessive use of car cleaning products. Our team is able to provide you the same level of care and attention of a traditional “car wash” that is gentler, and an overall better solution for your vehicle’s paint.

In addition to the steam cleaning the exterior of your car can receive, we also utilize steam cleaning on your vehicle’s interior to gently clean and sanitize. Every vehicle that comes into our shop is only ever washed by hand to ensure attention to detail without impacting the integrity of its paint.

From hand washes to detailing to XPEL installations, Q is Boston's go-to shop for most car customization needs. We would love to work with you and show you just how a customer should be treated from start to finish.

With more questions about our hand wash and detailing services, please contact the Q team today by calling (781) 691-9005.