Is XPEL Worth It?

At Q Car Care, we’re constantly working with new clients who are looking for the best ways to protect their vehicles and one of our first suggestions for anyone living in the greater Boston, MA area is always XPEL. If you’ve been considering a clear bra installation and are wondering if XPEL is worth it, we can think of three reasons it is.

It’s indistinguishable from the paint

XPEL is designed to prevent discoloration to the film itself, and installation from a trained and certified team will eliminate the chance of texture, also known as "orange peel." Our team works tirelessly to ensure there are no seams where dust and dirt can begin to show. We wrap the edges so you will never know where the film ends and your paint begins.

It does its job

XPEL protects your car from everyday wear. Bird droppings, road debris, and sap are no match for this clear bra. XPEL even has self-healing properties, which means swirl marks and light scratches will disappear almost as quickly as they happened. Your car will look and feel brand new the entirely of its application to your vehicle.

It virtually pays for itself

Q takes a restorative approach to detailing, but XPEL can help eliminate many of those costs. The investment you make in your car today will save you from repairs and touch-ups down the line. You will never worry about the condition of your paint because it will always be protected fully under this superior clear bra.

Automotive Elegance at Q Car Care offers one of the best in-house installations on the market. Their multi-step process decontaminates the surface of your car and provides a dust-free environment to install, which improves looks and longevity.

With more questions about clear bras or how Q Car Care can help you, please contact our team today by calling (781) 691-9005.