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The reason Q continues to be one of the best detail shops in the greater Boston area is that we also offer some of the most superior car customization options in the state of MA. We're so dedicated to your car, in fact, we have developed our own product line, including a nano-ceramic coating that is second to none. Q Complex is a revolutionary product for multiple reasons, but we’ll just tell you a few of the most important:

Extreme gloss

Our coatings lock in reactive sites to the surface of the SiO2 coating, which results in that “just waxed” look every car owner wants to achieve. This shine not only looks great, but it also serves as the ultimate protection against any debris. Just watch out videos on Facebook, you’ll see water and other elements slide right off the surface.

Superior to wax

Ceramic coatings like Q Complex increase the hardness of a surface by over 50%. Our formula tests as a 9H on the Mohs’ scale, the same test used to determine the hardness of concrete. Our coating is around 150x the thickness of any wax on the market and prevents minor scratches and swirls from occurring.


There are plenty of people that can’t justify the need for a full clear bra installation in MA, and that’s why Q Complex is the perfect alternative. Depending on how much of an investment you want to make, we can provide you with anywhere from 1-5 years of protection. It's an ideal alternative for anyone in need of a cost-effective yet high-class finish.

If you have been thinking about a nano-ceramic coating for your car, look no further than the products at Q. We stand by our products because they were made by our team of car enthusiasts who want to help protect your prized possessions.

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