Why is Hand Washing Cars Ideal?

When it’s time to get your car washed, where do you go? Most people head to an automatic car wash, to enjoy the convenience and speed of a quick ride through the wash. However, automated car washes are not the best choice for actually cleaning a vehicle. Take a look at why you should consider getting your car washed by hand instead. Automatic car washes can actually damage your vehicle. The brushes rely on sensors to know where your car is, and sometimes, these sensors can malfunction. If the brushes come too close to the ca, they can scratch the vehicle, creating serious damage. Any bent or damaged equipment within the car wash can also harm the vehicle by scraping the underside or side of the car. There’s also the risk of leaving a window down by accident—an automatic wash can’t tell if this is the case and will flood the car’s interior with gallons of water.

Hand washing a car also provides a chance or the vehicle to be inspected. When a person is looking over your car’s exterior as it’s being washed, they can note minute scratches or dents that you may not have noticed otherwise. This gives you a chance to find and fix small problems before they could become large problems. At Q Car Care, we can take care of those minor scratches as soon as they’re found, saving you time and worry.

Hand washing a vehicle simply produces better results than an automatic car wash. Relying on sensors and automatic brushes means the small curves of the car will be overlooked. Dirt and salt can stay there for a long time, eventually causing further damage. If an area of dirt needs extra care, an automatic wash won’t be able to do anything about it. Hand washing means that all parts of the car are given attention, and the whole vehicle will be clean as new.