Which Brands Should You Protect?

It’s no secret that cars come at different values. There’s a reason you see more Honda Civics driving down Main Street than you do Lamborghini Murcielagos. You should look at the vehicle you drive as an investment. For many of you, protecting the paint of your car may not be a priority. The whole point of driving a lower-end vehicle is to not worry about its physical appearance because it’s meant to transport you. Other car brands, the ones that cost a pretty penny, are another story. These car brands are an investment you want to protect. These are four car brands you’ll want to preserve with paint protection film in Boston.  


You’ll definitely want to protect your Ferrari. Chances are you spent upward of six-digits on your Ferrari. The chic physique of the car and the shine to the paint makes it eye-catching. You drive it as a status symbol of your success. That status quickly plummets when the color on your Ferrari starts to scuff and dim. Paint protection film in Boston will guard your paint, so you’re vehicle will remain as gorgeous as the day you bought it.


Oh, who doesn’t dream of driving a Lamborghini? They were in every car magazine you read growing up. Designed to captivate and built for speed, Lamborghinis are one of the most recognizable luxury car brands in the world. If you’re going to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars on a Lamborghini, you’ll want that baby to last as long as possible.


These cars are the height of luxury. They stuff so much high-end technology into this one car, it’s amazing they can’t fly. For a vehicle of the future, you won’t want it looking stuck in the past. Don’t let everyday wear and tear dull the paint of your Tesla. Keep it shiny and chic with protective layers.


Rounding out the quartet of brands that deserve protective layers is Maserati. It wouldn’t be a list of luxury vehicles without Maserati. For the same reasons you should protect any investment, you should ensure no damage comes to the paint on your Maserati. The value of your vehicle will only fall if you don’t.

Any little thing can damage a car’s paint job. Bird poop, spilled soda, and sunshine are just a few of the elements that will take your luxury car from gorgeous to gross. Get your vehicle paint protection film in Boston. Contact Q Car Care at 781-691-9005 or visit them online.