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Paint Protection Film vs. Ceramic Coating

Protecting your car from factors that may damage its paint job is no joke. The smallest objects can cause damage to your paint job. Whether it’s dirt or dust accumulating or that bird’s nest sitting just above your driveway, your paint job is in danger. You can’t risk your high-end sports car losing its luster after only a few drives. To keep your vehicle at showroom standards, you have a few options. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between paint protection film and ceramic coating in Boston.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is a clear wrap you can place on your car. Made of urethane material, paint protection film can apply to any painted surface. This option has a bit of versatility. You can apply the wrap only to the hood of your car, or all over. This has it’s advantages because the film is transparent and virtually invisible after application. Paint protection film can also be removed at the owner’s request.

Ceramic Coating

Whether you prefer Ceramic Pro or Q Complex Ceramics, a ceramic coating in Boston is always a good idea. A ceramic coating is made up of NanoCeramics. This means it goes on liquid and actually bonds to the paint to make it stronger while acting as a protective layer. While you can buy ceramic coatings online, it is challenging to apply correctly if you aren’t experienced. Because of this, ceramic coatings should always be applied by professionals.

Boston has every kind of weather you can imagine. Although you may not be driving your new sports car in a New England winter, common factors like dirt and bird droppings pose a threat to your vehicle. Whether you prefer a paint protection film or ceramic coatings in Boston, Q Car Care is here to help. Contact them today or visit them online.

Five Benefits of Ceramic Pro Coatings

Sports cars are flashy and expensive and tell the world you like luxuries. They look chic and intimidating driving down the freeway or parked in a driveway. But nothing stays beautiful forever. When you have an expensive car, you want to protect your investment and keep it looking nice for as long as possible. Here are five benefits of Ceramic Pro coatings for those considering a car coating in Boston.

Lasts Longer

Adding a coat to your car makes the paint and the value of your vehicle last longer. Not only that, but the Ceramic Pro coatings offered by Quintessential Car Care lasts longer than the alternative. Essentially, a ceramic coating is a protective layer made of hard glass to prevent anything from sticking to your car.

Stays Cleaner

Because ceramic coatings stick to your car, your car will stay cleaner than it has before. Ceramic Pro coatings protect against scratches, chemicals, water, and dust that would normally take their toll on a paint job. Other variables like bird droppings become easier to clean as well.

Protect Part or All of Your Vehicle

Since Ceramic Pro coatings can be applied to any part of your vehicle, the choice is yours. Ceramic Pro Coatings can be applied to glass, plastic, paint, wheels, and interiors. This means every inch of your vehicle can be protected from the elements. You have the choice of protecting part or all of your car depending on your budget.

Lifetime Guarantee

They aren’t kidding when they say Ceramic Pro coatings last longer than other paint protectors. Depending on the package you choose, Quintessential Car Care offers a lifetime guarantee that your car will look good as new. You can’t ask for much more from a car coating in Boston.

Maintaining Value

Despite a lifetime guarantee on your coating, there is no lifetime guarantee that you’ll always love your car. Sometimes you want a change from what you’re used to, and that’s okay. If you ever decide to sell, the Ceramic Pro coating will ensure the value of your vehicle was maintained from the day you bought it to the day you sell.

There aren’t many downsides when it comes to protecting your cars. It ensures that your care looks good and is protected from any outside forces that can hurt your paint. When looking for a car coating in Boston, look no further than Quintessential Car Care. Contact them today or visit them online!

Why You Should Leave Paint Protection to the Professionals

Anybody who drives a sports car knows the importance of protecting the paint from everyday elements. Something as simple as bird droppings can have disastrous effects on your paint job. Everything from direct sunlight to construction dirt can adversely impact the look of your car. Naturally, any driver would want a protective layer for their sports car. Q Car Care applies paint protection films and the best ceramic coating in Boston regularly. While some out there are handy in a garage, applying protective layers to your vehicle should be left to the professionals. Here’s why.




No matter how many cars you’ve worked on in your past, if you aren’t in the profession, then you haven’t worked on enough. Paint protection films are a clear urethane material applied to the painted areas of your vehicle. It is intended to be invisible. When misapplied, the film may become visible with lines. While films can be removed, it’s smarter to get it done right the first time. The same goes for ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings go on liquid and harden. If applied unevenly, you can see the amateur job. Q Car Care carries its own patented Q Complex ceramics as well as Ceramic Pro. Their skill is proven, and they will take great care of your sports car.


Not every sports car comes at the same price. Regardless if you drive a $90,000 Porsche or a $300,000 Rolls-Royce, that’s a good chunk of change you spent. With stricter environmental policies to protect the world we live in, car paints have become softer in recent years. That means that paint can degrade with exposure and lower the value of the overall vehicle. Even if you apply a protective layer yourself, you have to buy the paint protection film or ceramic coatings. If you buy them and apply them yourself, you run the risk of making an error. In that case, you’d then have to pay the professionals to remove your sports car and then pay them to do the job right. The better alternative would be to let them handle it from the start.

Now, at Q Car Care, paint protection films cost between $100 and $2200. This costs a minuscule portion of what you paid for your car but allows you a lifetime to enjoy it. As for the best ceramic coating in Boston, Q Car Care’s prices range from just under $1000 to just under $3000. Again, a small price for a lifetime with your sports car. Contact Q Car Care today or visit them online!

Why You Should Pamper Your Car

Why You Should Pamper Your Car

Everybody has had those days where they want a little pampering. It doesn’t even have to be a big deal. Just a little movie marathon and snacks. It helps to

Is Detailing a Car worth it?

Have you considered having your car detailed, but are unsure about the price tag? Take a look at why car detailing is worth the price and the time. How much are you paying for detailing?

With car detailing, you’ll get what you pay for. This means that if you look for a bargain, you’ll be trusting your car to someone less professional who won’t do a good job or could even damage your vehicle. Why would you spend money on a service you could easily do for yourself in your driveway? However, a higher quality service will provide plenty of value for the price.

Can you do this yourself?

If you’ve got a large garage, lots of time, and the skill to detail your car on your own, then paying for the service might not be worth it. However, chances are you’re busy or live in an area that doesn’t let you work on your car for long periods of time. In this case, you shouldn’t let your car continue to get dirty and messy while you wait for the time or space. It’s easier for you to try a detailing service.

Are you using your car?

Some people only want to detail the cars that sit in their garage for years as a display piece, and other people want their daily vehicle to look great. If you want your car for everyday use to be detailed, then it’s worth hiring a professional. Good detailing includes protection from small scratches that can occur on the road.

Is the cost to DIY worth it?

If you have the time, space, and skill to do detailing yourself, you still need to consider the cost. Do you want to buy all the tools you need for proper detailing? You’ll have to keep a supply of detailing clay, brushes, polishes, and wax, just to start. These costs can add up quickly, whereas a detailing service is a one-time fee.

Car detailing services are definitely worthwhile for most people. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you, or you want to schedule your detailing, contact us at Quintessential Car Care today!

How Much Water Do You Waste Cleaning Your Car?

Q didn’t become one of the best detail shops in the greater Boston area by sticking to the traditional methods of car care. After we started our journey in this industry, our team realized how many resources we were using to hand wash your vehicles, one of the largest being water.

Vinyl Wraps at Q

Here at Q Car Care we are extremely excited to introduce a new service available to all of our valued customers, custom vinyl wraps available at our shop in Burlington Massachusetts. One of the easiest ways to change up the look of your car whilst protecting the original paint underneath is a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps offer a more durable and safer alternative to Plastidip with over thousands of available colors, textures and finishes offered by the finest brands such as 3M, Avery Dennison and and other high quality film producers. The new look of your car is completely customize-able to your desire. As well as full body wraps, we offer roof wraps, custom fit film for individual portions of trim or separate body panels, giving you the freedom to customize your automobile as intricately as you wish. For more information and pricing please give us a call at (781) 691-9005

Customized XPEL Wraps

The crew at Q might seem like “all or nothing” kind of people. We get it. There are few shops out there that take paint protection, paint coatings, and car customization in MA as seriously as we do, and we want what’s best for your vehicle. Working with Automotive Elegance, we are able to offer quality clear bra that rivals the best in the world. We love when our customers go all-out with us and get the best products we offer, but we also know that’s not always what you want or an option. For things like paint film protection, we offer different packages for our XPEL wraps.

Full Front – Most Popular

With the kick up from dirt, sand, rocks, and other debris, you’ll rest well knowing every inch of the front of your car is covered. This includes the front bumper, front fenders, mirrors, hood, and headlights.  Never worry about being stuck behind that dump truck again!

Partial Front – Value Option

A partial mask is an ideal way to safeguard against road damages that happen to the area of your car many say is impacted most, including your front bumper, partial, fenders, and mirrors.

Full Rear Bumper

You can never be too careful with your vehicle, and that includes the debris that can be kicked up under your tires. A full rear bumper mask can protect against additional damage.

Side Skirts

On top of the debris from the road, shoes and other dangers can leave scratches on your paint that are unsightly. A side skirt mask can help avoid problems in these areas.

Rear Bumper Strip

A little protection can go a long way, and a rear bumper strip is an ideal way to prevent scratches from those utilizing the trunk of your car.

Full Vehicle

If you want to make your entire vehicle entirely scratch proof, a full vehicle wrap is your answer. All of your paint is covered, and edges are wrapped where possible to promise and smooth and seamless finish. If it weren't your car, you would never it was protected with XPEL.

Custom packages are also available, just ask. XPEL is one of the best paint films in the industry by protecting your surfaces without being visible. Whether you decide to go all or nothing or pick and choose which XPEL films you need in MA, the Automotive Elegance team at Q Car Care would be happy to install.

For more information or to book an appointment, call us today at (781) 691-9005.

Why Wax Doesn’t Cut It

Working with the Q Complex line and our detailing services means you take car care seriously, and we don’t blame you. New England's seasonal changes can make road conditions harsh, and that can impact our car's exterior. For many, the standard detailing service they invest in might include a wax finish, and our team wants you to move away from that. Though wax is a go-to solution for some car owners, Q can think of a handful of reasons it just doesn’t do the job the same way Q Complex does.

Waxing is time-consuming yet doesn't last

If you're already investing in an excellent detail, then you probably figure it's worth the extra time for the wax, but is it actually worth it? On average, wax only lasts 4-6 weeks. That’s a lot of time and money spent on a service that might make it an entire month if you're lucky. Q Complex? If maintained properly, it’s permanent!

Carnauba wax won’t protect as well as you’d hope

With all of the dirt, sand, and other debris on the road, wax doesn’t stand a chance against these abrasive materials. Though it can help deflect some of those common damages, you’re still likely to find etching and surface damage on your vehicle from the harsher elements.

The shine doesn’t hold up

We know the feeling when you get your car right after a wax and how great it looks, but that finish only seems to last a week or two before it begins to dull. With its limited durability, you’ll start to see the difference quickly. Q Complex changes the way your paint acts completely.

When looking to protect your car, consider Q Complex. Our nano-ceramic coating is one of a kind and will provide your car with the same protection you receive with a wax and so much more. The increased hardness will prevent dirt and other containments from sticking and give you that glossy just-cleaned look, always.

With more questions, contact us today at (781) 691-9005.

Why The Time for XPEL is Now

It’s no surprise that at the beginning of the spring season, customers come into Q looking for a professional XPEL install north of Boston, MA. We know that a lot of our car enthusiasts are taking their prize possessions out of the garage after a long winter, and the best way to prepare for the warmer months ahead is investing in a paint protection film that safeguards against these seasonal concerns.

Q Will Be at Art of the Automobile

Working with other great professionals in the automotive industry inspires Q and our team to do and be better than we were before. On April 29, Q will be at the Art of the Automobile Spring 2017 Celebration of the Summer Car at Boston City Hall Plaza.