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How Traditional Car Washes Affect Paint

Car washes are a summertime favorite for all ages. Kids love them because they get to play in the soaps and water. Teenagers love them because they’re an easy fundraiser. Then there are adults who love them because they get a clean car. There’s nothing as classic as a hand car wash. However, when your driving a high-end car like a Maserati or a Porsche, car washes are a nightmare. If your car doesn’t have a car coating in Boston, here are some dangers traditional car washes pose to your ride.



Paint Swirl

Paint swirl is a series of tiny scratches on your car’s paint caused by the swirling motion of cloths at a car wash. Automated car washes cause the same problem with their scrubbers. Polyester threads and dirty cloth are detrimental to the paint job. Paint swirl are more noticeable on flat surfaces. Dark-colored cars are more likely to show paint swirl and so they should be protected with Ceramic Pro coating.

Abrasive Dirt

Dirt hides everywhere. If you aren’t careful dirt in the car wash environment can stick and erode your paint. Because dirt can hide in the fibers of fabrics, rags and chamois can rub that dirt deeper into your paint. Since car paint has gotten softer over the years, it is easier for dirt to wear away the clearcoat of your car. This makes the finish look shotty. A car coating in Boston is the only choice to keep your sports car from damage caused by dirt.

Preventative Measures

There are two reliable types of car coating in Boston. There are paint protective films that can be wrapped around all or part of your car. This acts as a sacrificial layer for the dirt to deflect off of. Your other option is NanoCeramic coatings. Q Car Care’s Q Complex Ceramic is a patented formula to protect your sports car from scratches and other harmful elements. They also carry Ceramic Pro for brand loyal customers.

Not many people realize how harmful a traditional car wash can be to their paint job. So, if you drive a high-end sports car, beware! For more information on car coating in Boston, contact Q Car Care today or visit them online.

Why You Should Pamper Your Car

Why You Should Pamper Your Car

Everybody has had those days where they want a little pampering. It doesn’t even have to be a big deal. Just a little movie marathon and snacks. It helps to

Is Detailing a Car worth it?

Have you considered having your car detailed, but are unsure about the price tag? Take a look at why car detailing is worth the price and the time. How much are you paying for detailing?

With car detailing, you’ll get what you pay for. This means that if you look for a bargain, you’ll be trusting your car to someone less professional who won’t do a good job or could even damage your vehicle. Why would you spend money on a service you could easily do for yourself in your driveway? However, a higher quality service will provide plenty of value for the price.

Can you do this yourself?

If you’ve got a large garage, lots of time, and the skill to detail your car on your own, then paying for the service might not be worth it. However, chances are you’re busy or live in an area that doesn’t let you work on your car for long periods of time. In this case, you shouldn’t let your car continue to get dirty and messy while you wait for the time or space. It’s easier for you to try a detailing service.

Are you using your car?

Some people only want to detail the cars that sit in their garage for years as a display piece, and other people want their daily vehicle to look great. If you want your car for everyday use to be detailed, then it’s worth hiring a professional. Good detailing includes protection from small scratches that can occur on the road.

Is the cost to DIY worth it?

If you have the time, space, and skill to do detailing yourself, you still need to consider the cost. Do you want to buy all the tools you need for proper detailing? You’ll have to keep a supply of detailing clay, brushes, polishes, and wax, just to start. These costs can add up quickly, whereas a detailing service is a one-time fee.

Car detailing services are definitely worthwhile for most people. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you, or you want to schedule your detailing, contact us at Quintessential Car Care today!

What Services are Part of Auto Detailing?

You know that there’s a difference between merely washing your car and getting it detailed. However, do you know what exactly is included in detailing? What does the price tag get you? Check out our guide to services covered in auto detailing.  

  • Paint restoration. The most important part of detailing a car is making sure the paint is as good as new. This includes washing the car and then using clay to get excess soap scum or water marks off of the paint. Any small scratches are buffed out, and then the paint is polished. These steps leave your car as shiny as new.
  • Top to bottom cleaning. Every square inch of the vehicle is cleaned thoroughly. This is far more than a simple car wash will be able to provide—a car wash rinses only the exterior of the car. Auto detailing can include the wheel wells of your vehicle, which will get rid of buildup from salt and grit on the roads. Some detailing packages even include cleaning the engine bay and sealing any rubber or plastic components. Adjusting your engine will no longer automatically result in oil stains everywhere.
  • Polished finish. Besides the car’s paint, all metal and glass surfaces will be polished. Windows will be polished on the exterior and interior, so there’s no chance of dirty glass leading to an accident.
  • Sealed headlights. Over time, lights can become oxidized. This causes them to lose their efficacy. Sealing the headlights prevents this from occurring, so you’ll be able to drive in any weather with ease.


  1. Clean interiors. The interior of the vehicle is just as important as the exterior in detailing. This means the car’s upholstery is washed, shampooed, and vacuumed, and all plastic or metal parts in the interior are given detail-oriented care.

Contact Q Car Care today to learn what we can do for detailing your vehicle. Your car will look brand new—don’t hesitate to call!

How Much Water Do You Waste Cleaning Your Car?

Q didn’t become one of the best detail shops in the greater Boston area by sticking to the traditional methods of car care. After we started our journey in this industry, our team realized how many resources we were using to hand wash your vehicles, one of the largest being water.

What Does Clay Bar Do?

When clients go through our lists of professional detailing treatments before deciding which packages they want, we sometimes get questions about our procedures like, “What does a clay bar treatment do?”. Not every car owner knows the ins and outs of luxury detailing, and that’s why you hired the experts at Q. A clay bar is an auto detailing tool used to help remove contaminants after washing your vehicle. Clay bars help remove industrial fallout, dirt, dust, and more. Adding clay to your car not only helps with its overall appearance but it can also contribute to preventing further scratching and swirls that these outside elements might cause to your clear coat and paint.

With all that our cars face during our daily commute, damage from something as simple and as small as pollen is not worth the risk. Luckily, Q Car Care offers a variety of services, including clay bar treatments and some paint protection precautions. We can even take your car security a step further when you invest in our Q Complex Nano-Ceramic Coating.

With the number of benefits this Q performance product adds to your vehicle, the sky's the limit. The increased hardness means less dirt retention and keeping your car cleaner, longer. Not to mention, it also creates a far more chemical-resistant sacrificial layer than any wax or sealant could ever offer.

There’s a reason that Q is known as one of the best detailer north of Boston, and that’s because we love your car almost as much as you do. Providing you with quality detailing services and products on the market means protecting your vehicle's value and longevity, and we are happy to be your go-to shop in the Burlington area.

With more questions about our services and products, call our shop today at (781) 691-9005.