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Why Ceramic Coatings Make Sense, What They Do, and Why We Chose Ceramic Pro

By Ben Pirri

Q is the largest installer of ceramic coatings in New England. With over 2,000 cars coated since inception, we have a deep understanding what the ceramic coatings do, how to install them, and how to maintain them. We get questions daily asking about what Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings do, and what makes them worth it. This article is intended to simplify and answer the questions we get so frequently. That being said, always feel free to reach out about the process or with any questions at all.

A ceramic coating is essentially a blend of solvents carrying silicon dioxide particles (SiO2) that create a covalent bond with the paint. Once cured, Ceramic Pro creates a new surface that performs differently than paint. It is super hydrophobic, has self-cleaning properties, and is harder than the actual paint itself. This offers not only a higher performance surface, but also a sacrificial layer of protection. Because the coating is so hard and fills in the “valleys” in the paint, it creates a smoother surface that allows things to release much easier. This means that your car will stay cleaner for longer, and when it is time to wash it, it takes a third of the time. We recommend hand washing, but a touch-less car wash is fine as well. If you were to wash a coated car next to an un-coated car, the difference is immediately noticeable.

Water based clear coats on modern vehicles are not as robust as they used to be. This is largely due to environmental restrictions on the paints themselves – there is nothing the manufacturer can do. Many clients ask why coatings aren’t installed from the factory. Proper coatings take hours to install and cure. It simply is not a cost-effective process for a car manufacturer. add several hours to the production process in order to apply the coating wouldn’t make sense.

Another added benefit of ceramic coatings is that it will help with the resale value of your vehicle. Ceramic Pro has registered warranties with CarFax, so the proof is there. Your registered warranty is valid anywhere in the US with any factory certified Ceramic Pro installer.

It is a common misconception that all coatings are created equally. Ceramic Pro, and namely its manufacturer, the Nanoshine Group, has been formulating coatings for over 10 years, and sell more ceramic coating products internationally than every other coating brand combined. Yes, you read that correctly. Combined.

Now, there are a few players in the game who have also been around for a while – cQuartz, Opti Coat, and Modesta to name some, that are very good products. Because we have been using coatings since they first hit the market 2011 (and beta tested since 2006), we have tried all of them. Our R&D led us to exclusively offering Ceramic Pro. It is not the cheapest. It is not the easiest to install by a long shot -- it is BY FAR the most consistent and durable ceramic coating we have ever worked with. Not to say the others are bad – they just aren’t Ceramic Pro. It’s easy to read this as a sales pitch - we decided on Ceramic Pro because it’s the highest performing in all categories.

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Paint Protection Film vs. Ceramic Coating

Protecting your car from factors that may damage its paint job is no joke. The smallest objects can cause damage to your paint job. Whether it’s dirt or dust accumulating or that bird’s nest sitting just above your driveway, your paint job is in danger. You can’t risk your high-end sports car losing its luster after only a few drives. To keep your vehicle at showroom standards, you have a few options. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between paint protection film and ceramic coating in Boston.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is a clear wrap you can place on your car. Made of urethane material, paint protection film can apply to any painted surface. This option has a bit of versatility. You can apply the wrap only to the hood of your car, or all over. This has it’s advantages because the film is transparent and virtually invisible after application. Paint protection film can also be removed at the owner’s request.

Ceramic Coating

Whether you prefer Ceramic Pro or Q Complex Ceramics, a ceramic coating in Boston is always a good idea. A ceramic coating is made up of NanoCeramics. This means it goes on liquid and actually bonds to the paint to make it stronger while acting as a protective layer. While you can buy ceramic coatings online, it is challenging to apply correctly if you aren’t experienced. Because of this, ceramic coatings should always be applied by professionals.

Boston has every kind of weather you can imagine. Although you may not be driving your new sports car in a New England winter, common factors like dirt and bird droppings pose a threat to your vehicle. Whether you prefer a paint protection film or ceramic coatings in Boston, Q Car Care is here to help. Contact them today or visit them online.