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Is Your Car Ready for Fall?

Because we drive our cars nearly every day, it can be hard to notice the subtle changes to the paint and the interior until it feels like it’s too late. Though we love the all that comes with summer, it can be pretty harmful to the look of our cars. Q’s detailing service near Boston completes restorative work all the time, and we have a few tips for helping maintain your car for the rest of the season.

Regularly scheduled detailing

UV rays, mud, bugs, and other outside elements can slowly affect the look and feel of our cars, and regular detailing can help prevent the impact it has. Just a little investment now can save you quite a bit of money down the road.

Leather cleaning and conditioning

Leather can be temperamental, especially when it comes into contact with the sun for extended periods of time. Keeping up with leather maintenance can help prevent problems such as staining, drying, and cracking. If you find your leather seats need more than a cleaning, Q also offers leatherique rejuvenation services.

Q Complex

It’s often suggested for car owners to invest in a sealant when they want to protect their car’s paint from fading, but what if there’s another coating out there that does even more? Our exclusive ceramic coating gives your car extreme gloss, is easier to maintain, is scratch and marring resistant, and offers protection from environmental elements.

Restorative exterior detailing

Your car might be past the point of preventative work and might be in need of a little more elbow grease. Q offers an extensive paint correction to make your car look and feel brand new.

Whether you’re searching for only an exterior detail or are looking for corrective services, Q has everything you need for all your car detailing needs near Boston, MA. With more questions about what we can offer you, call us today at (781) 691-9005.

Best Ways to Protect Your Exotic Vehicles

Though waxing is great for many cars, if you’re looking for a long-term solution to paint protection, investing in a clear bra in MA is a wise choice.